About the Brand

Edgy Apparel, Bold Marketing

Welcome to Rebel Movement. We are born out of our digital marketing agency counterpart Rebel Interactive Group, and we've challenged ourselves to defy the status quo for the past 10 years.

Being a culture-first company, we push back on the stifling nature of the corporate climate; and that includes how we dress. Take a stroll through our offices and you'll see baseball caps, ripped jeans, and a few Yankees hoodies (or Red Sox if you jive that way).

What you wear doesn't define your work ethic

You're not confined to fit your passion and drive into a two-piece suit. You're not even confined to a role or a job title. We don't want you to leave your passions at home. People change, and our purpose is to change with you. 

Being a Rebel is a mindset, and it's a choice you wake up to every morning.

We created Rebel Movement to define what it means to be a Rebel in 2023, and to represent the audacity that comes with challenging the corporate world to change.

We'll leave you with the question, "Who moves the world?" If you ask us, it's the Rebels.